Henna and Haircuts

Our home made Henna gives burgundy color to your hair and lasts longer than chemical products. Our Hair Stylists are specialized in various styles of Haircuts for Men, Women and Kids. Book an Appointment

Women Hair

Straight Cut
U Cut
Layered Cut
Shampoo and Blow Dry
Dye and Shampoo
Cut, Shampoo and Dry
Dye, Shampoo, Styling
Root Touch Up and Shampoo
Curling / Flat Iron Styling
Blow Dry
Hair Spa
Full Highlights
Kerotien Treatment

Men Hair

Haircut and Shampoo
Hair Dye and Shampoo
Haircut, Dye and Shampoo

Kids Hair

Boy Haircut
Girl Haircut
Girl Styling

Other Hair Services

Avocado Mask
Hair Oil Massage
Dandruff Treatment